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Perhaps nothing better exemplifies what we mean by “Herbal Advantage” than one of our most popular products – the herb Stevia, a plant whose sweetness far exceeds that of sugar (despite having no calories) with a traditional medicinal reputation to boot. In an age when consumers are advised to beware of the caloric and glycemic drawbacks of sugar and other “natural” sweeteners, and when synthetic substitutes such as aspartame have become associated with a variety of health complaints, many are now rediscovering the advantages of Stevia, an herb prized for centuries by the native culture of Paraguay. Europeans first learned of Stevia when the Spanish conquistadors of the 16th Century sent word to Spain that the natives of South America had used the plant to sweeten herbal tea since "ancient times".

Many of you now know that the FDA has approved "some" Stevia extract for use in food products. They are doing this on a case by case basis. There are two Stevias that are showing up on supermarket shelves that are approved by the FDA and are full of junk. The Stevia that we have been selling for the past several years is Certified Organic, has no bitterness, has no junk fillers, and is now approved by the FDA for use in food products. This is a high Rebaudioside A, or Reb A Stevia that is now selling for $83.00 per pound. The other Stevia that sells for $74.00 per pound is the Stevia we sold before the Certified Organic one.

Product Name Product SKU   1/4lb 1/2lb 1lb
A Stevia Starter Kit 11-7105x One Kit $34.95  N/A N/A
Stevia Balance with Inulin and Chromium - 100 packets 66-6968 100 Packets $11.99  N/A N/A
Stevia Extract Packets (French Vanilla) - 75 Packets/Box 66-6963 75 Packets $10.39  N/A N/A
Stevia Extract Packets - 75 Packets/Box 66-6942 75 Packets $8.89  N/A N/A
Stevia Instant Tablets - 175 Tabs 66-6919 One Bottle 175 Tabs $6.39  N/A N/A
Stevia Leaf - Cut 11-700C Stevia rebaudiana $12.24  $17.49  $24.98 
Stevia Leaf - Powder 11-7002 Stevia rebaudiana $9.77  $13.69  $20.45 
Stevia Leaf - Whole 11-700W Stevia rebaudiana $11.77  $16.81  $24.02 
Stevia White Extract Powder 11-703E Stevia rebaudiana $35.00  $51.00  $74.00 
Stevia White Extract Powder *ORGANIC* 11-702E Stevia rebaudiana $40.67  $58.10  $83.00 
y. Stevia Sweet Recipes Cook Book 14-10215 Each Book $12.95  N/A N/A
z) Stevia Naturally Sweet 14-10211 Each Book $14.95  N/A N/A
Product Name Product SKU   1/4lb 1/2lb 1lb


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