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Sale Herbs 25% Off

25% Discount from prices listed on this page if you put the words "Special Sale Herbs" in the comment section of your order form. 25% Discount will apply only to the herbs on this page and only while the current supply lasts.

This is a one time purchase of these herbs. They will never be available at this low price again. Buy what you need now because once this supply is gone the prices go back up. As with everything we sell the quality of these herbs are guaranteed. This is not a junk sale, we left all the junk with the other company. We have tested and inspected every herb and will be shipping only top quality product. Prices are per one pound unless otherwise noted.

Product Name Product SKU   Unit
BladderwracK Extract 0.2% 1 lb 11-0614E Fucus vesiculosus $22.90 
Eucalyptus Leaf Powder 1 lb 11-2234P Eucalyptus globulus $9.80 
Irish Moss Cut 1 lb 11-342C Chrondus crispus $18.16 
Irish Moss Powder 1 lb Out of stock 11-342P Chondrus crispus $22.96 
Mimosa Bark, Chinese Pwd 1 lb 11-4212P Albizia julibrissin $9.97 
Mullien Leaf Cut 1 lb 11-425C Verbascum thapsus $17.98 
Pennyroyal Herb Powder 1 lb---Temporary Unavailable 11-5450P Mentha pulegium $10.60 
Plantain Leaf Powder - 1 lb Out of Stock 11-5670P Plantago major $20.50 
Saussurea Root Powder 1 lb 11-6565P Saussurea lappa $12.99 
Sparganium rhizome 1 lb 11-6885P Sparganium simplex $13.93 
Strawberry Leaf Powder 1 lb 11-7117P Fragaria vesca $9.80 
Three Edge Root Powder 1 lb 11-7265P Sparganium simplex $13.93 
Tree Peony Bark Chinese Powder 1 lb 11-7335P Paeonia suffruticosa $8.33 
Product Name Product SKU   Unit


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