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Medicinal Mushrooms - HerbalAdvantage.com has specially selected proprietary strains of these mushrooms that are carefully monitored and maintained. These mushrooms are cultured on a substrate of organic whole grain until they reach the peak of the most active stage of the mushroom life cycle. They are then dried and ground into a fine powder, nothing is added or taken away and purity is always maintained. Mushrooms help the body regulate the development of lymphoid stem cells and other important defense responses. Many feel that mushrooms work is in the regulatory functions that includes the immune, the neural and the hormonal systems. Many times we get sick because of imbalances in our systems that allow opportunistic pathogens to attack our bodies. A balanced diet, sufficient rest, a positive outlook, and frequent consumption of supplements including mushroom products will contribute to increasing the odds of obtaining and maintaining good health. Mushrooms are also available in capsules.

Product Name Product SKU   1/4 lb. 1/2 lb. 1 lb.
Agaricus Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-0019P Agaricus blazei $37.56  $53.66  $76.66 
Chaga Mushroom Cut 11-122C Inonotus obliquus $31.80  $45.43  $64.90 
Cordyceps Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-15355 Cordyceps sinensis $37.56  $53.66  $76.66 
Hericium Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-3138 Hericium erinaceus $18.37  $26.25  $37.50 
King Bolete Mushroom Powder 12-5305 Boletus edulis $9.60  $13.72  $19.60 
Maitake Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-39850 Grifola frondosa $25.57  $36.53  $52.19 
Poria Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-5760P Poria cocos $18.37  $26.25  $37.50 
Reishi Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-6100 Ganoderma lucidum $18.37  $26.25  $37.50 
Reishi Mushroom Whole 11-602W Ganoderma lucidum $25.97  $37.10  $53.00 
Shiitake Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-67750 Lentinula edodes $18.37  $26.25  $37.50 
Tremella Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-7371P Annulohpoxylon (Tremella fuciformis) $18.37  $26.25  $37.50 
Turkey Tail Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-7430P Coriolus versicolor $25.57  $36.53  $52.19 
Wood Ear Mushroom Pwd Organic, Non-GE 11-8120 Auricularia auricula $18.37  $26.25  $37.50 
x R-S-M-C Blend 11-6105 Blend of 4 Mushrooms $24.32  $34.74  $49.63 
x Seven Mushroom Blend 11-6107 Blend of 7 Mushrooms $22.64  $32.34  $46.20 
Product Name Product SKU   1/4 lb. 1/2 lb. 1 lb.


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