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Our extracts are made from fresh, organic herbs and ground immediately before extraction to produce the highest quality extracts. There herbs are picked at the peak of potency for the ultimate in quality control. We are dedicated to organic cultivation and woods-growing of herbs when possible.

Pure grain alcohol is important in extracting many herb constituents and makes it possible to preserve the potency of the fresh herb. The small amount of alcohol also speeds the delivery of the herb to the bloodstream. A 30 drop dose of an extract with 45% alcohol has 1/85th the alcohol of an 8 oz. glass of wine. Adding the drops to boiling water and letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes will further reduce the alcohol by 50% or more.

The following herbs have been traditionally used by American Indians as well as in early American herbalism. This information is given for educational and historical purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of any serious illness, consult a qualified health care professional.

All extracts listed here are a water/alcohol extract in a 2 oz. amber glass bottle with a rubber bulb dropper cap. The FDA has forced us to change the names of the products.

Product Name Product SKU   Cost 2 OZ. Bottle
Agrimony 51-5105 Agrimonia eupatoria $14.50 
Alfalfa 51-5125 Medicago sativa $14.50 
Althea (Marshmallow Root) 51-5940 Alther Officinalis $14.50 
Angelica Root 51-5165 Angelica archangelica $14.50 
Astragalus 51-5185 Astragalus membranaceous $17.95 
Avena Sativa 51-5190 Avena sativa $14.50 
Barberry Root 51-5200 Berberis vulgaris $14.50 
Beth Root 51-5205 Trillium spp. $14.50 
Betony 51-5225 Betonica officinalis $14.50 
Black Cohosh 51-5265 Cimicifuga racemosa $14.50 
Black Haw Bark 51-5270 Viburnum spp. $14.50 
Black Walnut Hull 51-5305 Juglans nigra $14.50 
Blackberry Root 51-5245 Rubus spp. $14.50 
Blessed Thistle 51-5325 Cnicus benedictus $14.50 
Blue Cohosh 51-5365 Caulophyllum thalictroides $14.50 
Blue Flag 51-5385 Iris versicolor $14.50 
Blueberry Leaf 51-5345 Vaccinum myrtillus $14.50 
Boneset 51-5405 Eupatorium perfoliatum $14.50 
Bugleweed 51-5445 Lycopus virginiana $14.50 
Burdock Root 51-5465 Arctium lappa $14.50 
Butternut Bark 51-5505 Juglans cineria $14.50 
Calamus/Sweet Flag 51-5535 Acorus calamus $14.50 
Calendula 51-5585 Calendula officinalis $14.50 
Cascara Bark 51-5545 Cascara sagrada $14.50 
Catnip 51-5565 Nepeta cataria $14.50 
Cayenne 51-5600 Capsicum annum $14.50 
Chamomile 51-5640 Matricaria chamomilla $14.50 
Chaparral 51-5680 Larrea tridentata $14.50 
Chaste Berry/Vitex 51-5660 Vitex Agnus castus $14.50 
Chickory 51-5705 Cichorium intybus $14.50 
Chickweed 51-5700 Stellaria media $14.50 
Cleavers 51-5710 Galium aparine $14.50 
Comfrey 51-5720 Symphytum officinalis $14.50 
Cornsilk 51-5725 Zea mays $14.50 
Cramp Bark 51-5727 Viburnum opulus $14.50 
Product Name Product SKU   Cost 2 OZ. Bottle


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