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Our extracts are made from fresh, organic herbs and ground immediately before extraction to produce the highest quality extracts. There herbs are picked at the peak of potency for the ultimate in quality control. We are dedicated to organic cultivation and woods-growing of herbs when possible.

Pure grain alcohol is important in extracting many herb constituents and makes it possible to preserve the potency of the fresh herb. The small amount of alcohol also speeds the delivery of the herb to the bloodstream. A 30 drop dose of an extract with 45% alcohol has 1/85th the alcohol of an 8 oz. glass of wine. Adding the drops to boiling water and letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes will further reduce the alcohol by 50% or more.

The following herbs have been traditionally used by American Indians as well as in early American herbalism. This information is given for educational and historical purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of any serious illness, consult a qualified health care professional.

All extracts listed here are a water/alcohol extract in a 2 oz. amber glass bottle with a rubber bulb dropper cap. The FDA has forced us to change the names of the products.

Product Name Product SKU   Cost 2 OZ. Bottle
Sage 51-6050 Salvia officinalis $14.50 
Saw Palmetto 51-6052 Serenoa serrulata $14.50 
Sheep Sorrel 51-6065 Rumex acetellosa $14.50 
Shepherd's Purse 51-6070 Capsella bursa-pastoris $14.50 
Shiitake Mushroom 51-6075 Lentinula eloides $14.50 
Skullcap 51-6080 Scutellaria laterifolia $14.50 
Soloman's Seal 51-6085 Polygonatum multiflorum $14.50 
Spikenard 51-6100 Aralia racemosa $14.50 
Squaw Vine 51-6105 Mitchella repens $14.50 
St John's Wort 51-6055 Hypericum perforatum $14.50 
Stone Root 51-6110 Collinsonia canadensis $14.50 
Sumach Bark 51-6115 Rhus aromatica $14.50 
Sweet Flag 51-6125 Acorus calamus $14.50 
Thuja 51-6130 Thuja occidentalis $14.50 
Thyme 51-6135 Thymus vulgaris $14.50 
Usnea 51-6140 Usnea barbata $14.50 
Uva Ursi/ Bearberry 51-6145 Arctostaphylos uva ursi $14.50 
Valerian 51-6150 Valeriana officinalis $14.50 
Vervain 51-6155 Verbena officinalis $14.50 
Violet 51-6160 Viola odorata $14.50 
Vitex/Chaste Berry 51-6162 Vitex Agnus castus $14.50 
Watercress 51-6165 Nasturtium officinalis $14.50 
White Oak Bark 51-6170 Quercus alba $14.50 
White Willow Bark 51-6175 Salix alba $14.50 
Wild Cherry 51-6180 Prunus virginiana $14.50 
Wild Ginger 51-6185 Asarum canadensis $14.50 
Wild Lettuce 51-6190 Lactuca virosa $14.50 
Wild Yam 51-6200 Dioscorea villosa $14.50 
Witch Hazel 51-6205 Hammamelis virginiana $14.50 
Wood Betony 51-6210 Betomica officinalis $14.50 
Wormwood 51-6215 Artemisia absinthe $14.50 
Yarrow 51-6220 Achillea millefolium $14.50 
Yellow Dock 51-6225 Rumex crispus $14.50 
Yucca 51-6230 Yucca glauca $14.50 
Product Name Product SKU   Cost 2 OZ. Bottle


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