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Our extracts are made from fresh, organic herbs and ground immediately before extraction to produce the highest quality extracts. There herbs are picked at the peak of potency for the ultimate in quality control. We are dedicated to organic cultivation and woods-growing of herbs when possible.

Pure grain alcohol is important in extracting many herb constituents and makes it possible to preserve the potency of the fresh herb. The small amount of alcohol also speeds the delivery of the herb to the bloodstream. A 30 drop dose of an extract with 45% alcohol has 1/85th the alcohol of an 8 oz. glass of wine. Adding the drops to boiling water and letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes will further reduce the alcohol by 50% or more.

The following herbs have been traditionally used by American Indians as well as in early American herbalism. This information is given for educational and historical purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of any serious illness, consult a qualified health care professional.

All extracts listed here are a water/alcohol extract in a 2 oz. amber glass bottle with a rubber bulb dropper cap. The FDA has forced us to change the names of the products.

Product Name Product SKU   Cost 2 OZ. Bottle
Damiana 51-5728 Turnera diffusa $14.50 
Dandelion Leaf 51-5730 Taraxacum officinale $14.50 
Dandelion Root 51-5735 Taraxacum offininale $14.50 
Echinacea Flower & Root 51-5745 Echinacea angustifolia, palliada, or purpurea $15.50 
Echinacea/Golden Seal 51-5747 $24.00 
Elcampane 51-5755 Inula helenium $14.50 
Elder Flowers 51-5750 Sambucus canadensis $14.50 
Elderberry 51-5752 Sambucus canadensis $14.50 
Evening Primrose 51-5760 Oenothera biennis $13.00 
Eyebright 51-5765 Euphrasia officinalis $14.50 
Fennel 51-5773 Foeniculum vulgare $14.50 
Fenugreek 51-5774 Trigonella foenum-graecum $14.50 
Feverfew 51-5775 Tanacetum parthenium $14.50 
Garlic 51-5785 Allium sativum $14.50 
Ginger 51-5788 Zingiber officinalis $14.50 
Gingko 51-5790 Ginkgo biloba $14.50 
Ginseng, American 51-5795 Panax quinquefolium $24.00 
Golden Seal 51-5805 Hydrastis canadensis $16.50 
Goldenrod 51-5800 Solidago spp. $14.50 
Gotu Kola 51-5810 Centella asiatica $14.50 
Gravel Root 51-5815 Eupatorium purpureum $14.50 
Hawthorne Berry 51-5830 Crataegus spp. $14.50 
Heal All 51-5845 Prunella vulgaris $14.50 
Hops 51-5850 Humulus lupulus $14.50 
Horehound 51-5855 Marrubium vulgare $14.50 
Horse Chestnut 51-5863 Aesculus hippocastanum $14.50 
Horsetail 51-5870 Equisteum arvense $14.50 
Hydrangea 51-5880 Hydrangea arborescens $14.50 
Hyssop 51-5885 Hyssopus officinalis $14.50 
Jewelweed 51-5890 Impatiens pallida $14.50 
Juniper Berry 51-5895 Juniperus communs $14.50 
Product Name Product SKU   Cost 2 OZ. Bottle


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