Safflower Flower Powder

Carthamus tinctorius
Dried Safflower can be used in recipes in place of saffron as a much less expensive substitute it is also known as "false saffron". Safflower is among the oldest domesticated crops, dating back to Egypt's Twelfth Dynasty 3,800 - 4,000 years ago. Today, most of the world's safflower is grown in the U.S., Mexico and India. Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not for use in patients with bleeding disorders, hemorrhagic diseases or peptic ulcers. Hong Hua
Safflower Flower Powder is used in many herbal "quite smoking" blends. Properties include: cardiovascular / coronary restorative and circulatory. Safflower flowers can be used to offer some color to foods, as you would use Saffron, but no flavor. The petals of Safflower flower have been used for dying materials of clothes, cosmetics, for lips and herbal medicines and for pain release and good circulation. You can see the natural dyeing cloth in catalogs in Far East and displays of all other natural dyeing color. Safflower is native to Egypt, but it has been cultivated for natural dyeing for 1000 years.

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