The Art of Delicious Raw Cookery

Over 100 pages with 316 recipes plus many pages of helpful hints. Roxie shows you how to "cook" with Bee Pollen and Stevia. She uses ground Flax Seed and Psyllium Husk Powder for additional fiber, and Slippery Elm Powder as a thickener. You can buy all of these at the same time you buy the book from our web store.

Taken from the introduction - "Food should be prepared in the most simple, natural manner possible. Ideally, fruits should be organic and ripe when picked. Organic fruits and vegetables better in taste, quality, and nutrition. City dwellers, which have no time or space to grow a garden, can sometimes buy organic foods in large chain super markets, but the best places are organic farmers and health food stores who major in organic fruits and vegetables. The cooking recommended in this book is done in a standard oven capable of low control. Many of the recipes are 100% raw. The cooked foods have been prepared under low heat (120 deg. - 130 deg.) to avoid denaturing the protein, destroying all the enzymes, and altering it chemically."

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