Kombucha Mushroom

1 mushroom plus 1 cup of tea $16.50 A booklet with brewing instructions is included. The Kombucha mushroom is shipped in a double lined poly bag.

Bolster your immune system?
Lower cholesterol?
Drop your blood pressure?
Soften hardened arteries and veins?
Fight cataracts & improve eyesight?
Improve liver function?
Reduce hot flashes?
Restore your hair color?
Smooth wrinkles?
Lose weight?

We do not recommend the Kombucha Mushroom for pregnant or lactating women

We've had many people ask us what we know about Mo-Gu, Manchurian mushroom and Kombucha. We know they're all different names for the same thing and that in 414 B.C. it was called The Divine Tsche by the Koreans. We also know that thousands of people the world over drink it daily and make fantastic claims for it. For simplicity's sake, lets just call it Kombucha. And it's either an enzyme or a lichen they're still arguing about that. The important thing is that it can be grown at home, as a culture, and is used to make a pleasant tasting tea with a plethora of benefits.

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