480 mg
480 mg "00" Capsule Ingredients: Amla Fruit, Bibitaki Fruit, Haritaki Fruit

The most famous Ayurvedic formula is known primarily as an antioxidant but it also supports the endocrain system, the skin, the eye, and the liver. Used over time, Triphala promotes stamina, and is used to maintain hormone balance in a wide variety of conditions. Triphala promotes regularity. It fights aging, particularly of the skin, as well as loss of visual acuity associated with aging. Maintains and supports healthy sexual function.

Directions: Daily use.
Suggested use: For short term use 8 at bedtime to promote regularity. For long term use as a tonic 2 per day.

Authorities like Dr. Andrew Weil consider Triphala to be a superior bowel tonic, rather than a laxative, with its benefits increasing over time. Laxatives typically are habit-forming and do not enhance normal body elimination of wastes; this is not the case with (moderate doses of) Triphala.

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