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An old-school enterprise with a new-age approach to making your life healthier.

In Herbal Advantage, you’ll find a family-owned, hands-on business that complements the commodities it offers

The kinds of products you’ll find in our inventory are mostly traditional ones – things found in nature that have been used by folks in one form or another down through the ages to improve their health and well-being. But we make such time-honored (and recently ‘rediscovered’) restoratives available in convenient new versions that have been especially cultivated, formulated and adapted to maximize their benefits.

The same nexus of tradition and modernity is also what has characterized our company since we started it more than a decade ago. On one hand, we’re very much a traditional type of enterprise, always having made a point of providing our customers with friendly, accommodating personal service, and even inviting them to visit us if they’re out this way. On the other, we’re an innovative, cutting-edge operation that makes maximum use of both the Internet and the speediest delivery services now available – in addition to relying on high-tech testing techniques such as HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) to ensure the quality and potency of many of the herbs we sell.

And NOW, we’ve added a whole new product line to our inventory

If you’re one of our regular patrons, of course, you ‘re already familiar with our old-school yet new-age approach to doing business. But what you may not know is that now we’ve taken it a step further – by expanding our already superlative stock of supplements, herbs and related items to include the premium-quality line of 1700 natural products manufactured by NOW® Foods of Bloomingdale, Illinois. You’ll find a comprehensive listing of these many added choices at: Healthy Village

Our new affiliation with NOW is one more example of how we’re constantly seeking ways to improve the various aspects of our enterprise –and to live up to our name by providing our customers with as advantageous a range of products and level of service as possible.

And while we may have significantly increased the size of our ‘Internet inventory’, you’ll find us still as accessible and accommodating as ever – always happy to talk to you, whether by phone, e-mail or in person, take any suggestions you might have and help you find whatever products you need.

Here at Herbal Advantage, we hear you – and we’re always here for you.

Dr. Josefina Marsden

P.S. To keep up with some of the latest developments in the field, we recommend you take a peek at our some very informative and enlightening articles on alternative and natural healing in our new Blog: The Herbal Insider

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Herbs & Spices
Product Name   1/4lb 1/2lb 1lb
Artichoke Leaf Powder Cynara scolymus $8.13  $11.62  $16.60 
Damiana Leaf Cut Turnera aphrodisiaca $11.22  $16.03  $22.90 

Natural Items
Product Name   Cost
Cocoa Powder 12 oz Certified Organic $9.09 
Instant Hot Cocoa 14 oz - Organic Certified Organic $8.09 

Special Sale Herbs
Product Name   Unit
BladderwracK Extract 0.2% 1 lb Fucus vesiculosus $22.90 
Eucalyptus Leaf Powder 1 lb Eucalyptus globulus $9.80 
Irish Moss Cut 1 lb Chrondus crispus $18.16 
Irish Moss Powder 1 lb Out of stock Chondrus crispus $22.96 
Mimosa Bark, Chinese Pwd 1 lb Albizia julibrissin $9.97 
Mullien Leaf Cut 1 lb Verbascum thapsus $17.98 
Pennyroyal Herb Powder 1 lb---Temporary Unavailable Mentha pulegium $10.60 
Plantain Leaf Powder - 1 lb Out of Stock Plantago major $20.50 
Saussurea Root Powder 1 lb Saussurea lappa $12.99 
Sparganium rhizome 1 lb Sparganium simplex $13.93 
Strawberry Leaf Powder 1 lb Fragaria vesca $9.80 
Three Edge Root Powder 1 lb Sparganium simplex $13.93 
Tree Peony Bark Chinese Powder 1 lb Paeonia suffruticosa $8.33 

Heart Technology
Product Name   Cost
CoQ10 60 mg - 60 Vcaps 60 VCaps $18.23 
Nattokinase 90 Capsules $22.56 


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