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Stevia Plants

We find that Stevia will grow in almost any climate, if it is given the correct soil, fertilizer, and light conditions. Stevia is not frost hardy and must be planted each year. In areas where there is no frost, Stevia is still replanted each year, due to

Product Name Product SKU   Cost
Barney in a field of Echinacea 13-7777 Color Photo N/A
Flower Bed with Stevia 13-7778 Color Photo N/A
Gone Fishing 13-7779 Color Photo N/A
Stevia (1) 4 Plants in 2 1/2inch Pots 11-6999 Stevia rebaudiana $24.00 
Stevia (2) 70 Rooted Cuttings 11-6998 Stevia rebaudiana $80.00 
Stevia (3) 140 Rooted Cuttings 11-69981 Stevia rebaudiana $150.00 
Product Name Product SKU   Cost


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