Wolfberry Fruit - Whole

Lycium barbarum
Goji Fruit, Gou Qi Zi, Fructus Lycii, Lycii Chinensis, Lycium barbarum, Pneumonia, Tuberculosos, Ageing, Depression, Diabetes. A deciduous summer shrub of China used in Chinese medicine to lift the spirits, tone the liver, kidneys, and blood, treat pneumonia in children, diabetes, and poor vision resulting from malnutrition. Taken with other herbs to combat ageing. In Chinese medicine it is said to be good for clearing the lungs and stopping cough. This fruit is red, soft, and tasty. Looks about the size of a small rasin. I keep a bag on my desk for snacking. Wolfberries are often used in Chinese medicinal meals such as a tonic soup. Goji Berries are a SuperFood

As you can see by the photo our berries are the largest and sweetest ones. They are un-sulfured. We buy only the top of the line berries grown and processed with out the use of chemicals. I add a spoon full of berries to a glass of water, let them soak for an hour then drink the juice.You can also eat our berries right from the bag.

Ancient Chinese truths are being confirmed in modern scientific studies but if you want the real thing, the product that has been used for hundreds of years then it is the whole Wolfberry fruit (Lycium barbarum). If you are interested in the benefits of goji click on a specific area of interest to see these new studies.

Enhanced Immune Response
Anti-Fatigue Effects
Weight Loss
Free-Radical Prevention

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