Buchu Leaf Powder

Barosma betulina
American Materia Medica, 1919 (Ellingwood): 'The agent acts directly upon the urinary apparatus, stimulating the kidneys, and increasing both the watery and solid constituents by its tonic and restorative influence. It is also valuable when there is greatly increased action from debility, as it lessens the quantity of water secreted in such cases. It relieves irritation of the bladder and urethra, and is valuable in catarrh of the bladder, pyelitis and gonorrhea. In chronic cases of irritable bladder it has long been used, especially if caused by persistent excess of uric acid. It controls the irritation, reduces the excess of acid, and relieves the urinary incontinence depending upon it. It relieves irritation of the bladder sphincter, increases the tone of the muscular structure and overcomes any existing paralysis.

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