Vitamin C Powder

Ascorbic Acid
Ascorbic acid is an organic acid with antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C "00" capsule = 1000 mg

People come up with all kinds of tricks to make a Vitamin C capsule look and sound better. The best I have ever found is what Dr Linus Pauling said and that is pure Ascorbic Acid and L-Lysine. The formula he used was one part L-Lysine to two parts Vitamin C. Because the weight of Vitamin C is twice that of L-Lysine you can take one "00" capsule of Vitamin C = 1100 mg and one "00" capsule of L-Lysine = 500 mg to give you the proper ratio. From there you ramp up to the amount of Vitamin C you want a day in 1, 2, or 3 doses each day.

Vegetarian Product.

Vitamin C 1/2 tsp = 2400 mg
Lysine 1/2 tsp = 1200 mg
Vitamin C "00" capsule = 1100 mg
Lysine "00" capsule = 650 mg

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